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September 07 2012


Maria Killam

The summer time is the right excuse to give your house a makeover. There are several interior planning ideas you can affect turn your home right into a summer haven. The 2010 trends leave the original summer look showcasing a cooler, crisper, and bolder vibe.

Colour Expert
Pastels continue to be this season's essentials. They do not are available in the usual dainty pinks and peaches but in more pastry-like sweet hues with vintage appeal. Walls come to life with soft shades near to those of summer skies leaning more towards cool blues rather than the customary warmer colours. Apply colour blocking with furnishings of deeper and richer hues. The goal would be to achieve a cohesive and fresh look. Use a few pieces with brighter colours for a twist. Accessorize with brilliant looking crafts to keep up the slow paced life.

Colour Expert
An ideal and well-balanced mixture of colours is not easy to tug off. Good thing that summer, among the hottest trends is really the trademark white of winter! Up against the notion that white is plain and boring, this basic palette might be played up by getting different textures, styles and finishes. Make modern pieces and mix them with some antiques lacquered to a high shine. Think glossy chairs mixed with matte shelves, leather couches and sheer drapes and fine rugs all on this ethereal colour. Using a whitewashed wall like a backdrop, that which you have is really a crisp but cozy home that screams casual sophistication.

For a laidback and fun space, adopt the unique result of pairing modernist structure having a Palm Springs flair that's building a buzz this year. Fresh interior design suggestions for this exciting theme include vibrant tropical palettes for that ceilings or floors to please the attention. The original dainty floral print of summers past has changed in to a bold and almost abstract form. With all the upgrade of their turn to an even more intricate and over-scaled masterpiece, it could now standalone because the center point in any room. The 2010 trend removes the greater luxurious flowers from pillowcases and curtains and provides it the much deserved attention as wallpaper that turns an ordinary wall to some stylish and oversized work of art.

Obviously emphasizing colour and pattern as the key players, this theme gives elaborate shapes and dimensions on furnishings some slack. Streamlined furniture increase the risk for idea of urban tropics use structures providing a clear, crisp contrast to more complex elements inside the room. The concept is to flip the concept of usual interior decorating. Instead of getting stand out fixtures to jazz up its simple background, the walls and ceilings have become the main attraction because they breathe life for the space. Functional pieces are kept basic to better express this concept.
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